Samsung Unveils a slew of New Foldable Devices CES 2022

Samsung Unveils a slew of New Foldable Devices

You may assume Samsung would stop making folding devices after the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip, but you’d be wrong.

According to Android Authority and an official press release, Samsung unveiled a plethora of folding devices at this week’s CES exhibition, including three folding phones and one folding notebook.

The first are two folding smartphones. For reasons that will become clear, these prototype designs are referred to as the “S” and “G” folds. Three panels fold out into a S shape on the “S” fold phone. According to Samsung, this will be important in the future for raising the maximum size of smartphones.

Three foldable panels are used in the “G” fold, but they fold inward to resemble the letter G. This design, according to the business, is beneficial for phones used for outdoor activities like as trekking since the inward-facing G-shaped fold allows the device to be stored almost anywhere without harming the display.

The Flex Slidable is up next. This smartphone prototype appears to be a standard handset at first glance, but with the push of a button, the display rolls out to the side, giving the user more screen real estate.

Finally, the Flex Note is Samsung’s attempt on a foldable notebook. This resembles a huge folding tablet with one continuous folding display, but the company claims that the greater screen real estate will allow you to simply convert the bottom third into a keyboard when needed. They also recommended using the bottom as a video editing scroll bar, a pen input pad, and other things.

These moves make sense when you consider that, despite some competition from brands like Oppo and Motorola, Samsung is the only firm currently producing folding phones in large quantities.

However, these are only prototypes, and no release date has been set (s).

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